Canned Heat: Woodstock Festival 8/16/69 Audience

Hey Friends, hereīs finally something new from the Canned Heat - Alan Wilson period!
A great find by vivandre!
3 Tracks from The Canned Heat, recorded at the Woodstock Festival 1969!
Track 3 is a great unreleased Alan Wilson song- probably worth the download alone!
Letīs hope that some more from this festival might show up, in released or unreleased form!

I did my best to pitch this recording and also used the better channel from this Mono tape!
Although the overall sound of this recording is not bad,
it has partly some disturbing noises from the crowd,
but is still listenable! MP 3 sample below!

To be on the save side, for this upload I had to cut out some anouncements by "The Bear" and also some from the stage crew, since we know them too good from the official releases!

1 Iīm her Man
2 The Bear talks
A Change is gonna come( off. released- not included)
3 I Know my Baby(She could jump & shout)
4 On the Road Again (11 mins)

Line up Notes:
Bob " The Bear" Hite: voc, harp
Alan Wilson: g, voc, harp
Larry Taylor: b
Fito de la Parra: dr
Harvey Mandel: g

Time: 24 mins
Quality B to B+ aud.
Tape unknown lineage