Canned Heat: Offenbach, Stadthalle April, 10 th 1970

Friends, hereīs another very rare Canned Heat show with Harvey Mandel!
Itīs a great performance with some songs never available live before!
Unfortunately only very weak quality, with some hiss...........!
Fortunately the sound improves during the show!!
MP 3 samples from beginning and better part(?), below!

Many thanks to Roryglzep who sent me this rare performance!
Although this is recorded here, I wasnīt able to locate a better copy until now
and I expect the master sounds really great!
I really wish someone could help to find this great performance in better Quality!!

01 Evil
02 Thatīs allright
03 Time Was
04 Down the Road I go
05 Shake it & Break it
06 So Sad-Worldīs in a Tangle
07 I was dreamin about my Baby pt.1 /cut due end of Cassette
08 I was dreamin bout my Baby pt.2
CD 2
09 The Boogie/My Babe medley
10 Letīs work together
11 Closing Blues/ end cut
Time:83.16 mins

Bob " The Bear" Hite: voc, harp
Alan Wilson: g, voc,harp
Harvey Mandel: g
Fito de la Parra: drums
Larry Taylor: bass
Lineage: Unknown(high) Gen Cass-Dragon-PDR05-EAC-Cool Edit pro-Flac
Uploaded to Dime & remastered by Doc Tinker on March 2nd. 2006!

Enjoy this incredible rare piece of Canned Heat History!!