Canned Heat
Boston Tea Party
June 29th 1970

Bob (The Bear) Hite - vocals, harp
Al (Blind Owl) Wilson - guitar, harp, vocals
Harvey (The Snake) Mandel - guitar
Larry (The Mole) Taylor - bass
Adolfo (Fito) De La Parra - drums


Master Soundboard Reel 7 1/2ips 1/2 track --> Maxell UD35-90 7 1/2ips 1/4 track (Revox B77) --> Tascam CD-RW2000 -->EAC --> CDWAV --> FLAC (8)

Disc 1

1. I Found Love
2. Catfish Blues
3. Bullfrog Blues
4. Gonna Find a New Woman
5. Killing Floor (w/ members of Kaleidoscope)
6. Bring It On Home

Disc 2

1. (Kaleideheat) Boogie Jam w/ Kaleidoscope

Heads were aligned for optimum playback. I never used noise reduction.

As with all Digital releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only.
Not to be bought or sold. Keep the spirit of trading alive and well.
Nothing has been edited out or EQ'd except for a reel flip.