Canned Heat Tracks - A Live Compilation -
This was carefully compiled from listenable sbd sources to give all you Canned Heat Fans out there, a CANNED HEATlive Album to listen to!
Everybody is invited to do a better compilation or to share new Canned Heat material which wasn´t posted here, recently.
1 Intro
2 Big Road Blues
3 Dust my Broom
4 This is Hit
5 Madman Blues
6 Rollin´and Tumblin´
7 Don´t go away Blues
8 I´m her Man
9 Harmonica Improvisation
10 Future Blues
11 The Boogie
12 On the Road again
13 Lets Work together
14 Killin´Floor
15 I love my Baby
Tracks 1- 7: Unknown Club, autumm 1967(?) / Lineage: unknown Gen. Cass.- Clean 5.0- CDR- EAC- shn
Track 8: Boston 1969 aka Boston 6/29/70/ Lineage: 2nd Gen reel - Clean 5.0 - CDR- EAC- shn
Track 9, 14 & 15: 9/10/70 Baarn,Holland TV / Lineage: 1st Gen.Cassette -CDR- EAC-shn
Tracks 10& 13: BBC 1-2/70 Lineage: Low Gen. Cassette-Clean 5.0- CDR- EAC-shn
Track 11: 9/10/70 Baarn, Holland Stereo FM Broadcast /Lineage Master Cass.-CDR-EAC-shn
Track 12: VPRO FM 1971
Line up Notes:
Baarn, Holland 1970 : Canned Heat without Alan Wilson;Adolfo de la Parra replaces Larry Taylor on Bass
VPRP 1971:Canned Heat w/Joe Scott Hill on 2nd Guitar
The Clubshow tracks feature the original Canned Heat w/Frank Cook on Drums
Boston 69: Original Canned Heat w/Fito de la Parra on Drums
BBC tracks: Original Canned Heat; Harvey Mandel replaces Henry Vestine on Lead Guitar