Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
Seattle, Washington

Track One Was Not Present On The Cdr I Received In Trade So There Are Only 16 Tracks Total.

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1 - (Missing) Suction Prints Intro Version
2 - My Human Gets Me Blues
3 - Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man
4 - Hot Head
5 - Ashtray Heart
6 - Dirty Blue Gene
7 - Best Batch Yet
8 - Safe As Milk
9 - A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond
10 - One Red Rose That I Mean
11 - Doctor Dark
12 - Bat Chain Puller
13 - Sugar 'N' Spikes
14 - Veteran's Day Poppy
15 - Sheriff Of Hong Kong
16 - Suction Prints Full Band Version
17 - Big Eyed Beans From Venus

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The Band
Jeff Moris Tepper Jeff Tapir / White Jew * Guitar * Slide Guitar
Richard Snyder Midnight Hatsize * Guitar * Slide Guitar * Bass Guitar
Eric Drew Feldman Black Jew Kittaboo * Bass Guitar * Keyboards * Synthesizer ** Mandolin
Robert Williams Wait For Me * Drums * Percussion
Don Van Vliet Captain Beefheart * Vocals * Tenor Sax * Soprano Sax * Harmonica
Guest Gary Lucas ** National Steel Dualion

Link: Http://Beefheart.Com/Datharp/Albums/Boots/Dbp.Htm

General Info
Autumn 1980 Through January 1981 Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band Promoted Their Latest Album, Doc At The Radar Station, With A Tour
In Europe And The States. However, As Don Hadn't Performed Live For Well Over A Year And A Half, It Took A While Before He Found The Right
Groove. After A Terrible First Week, The Group Came Into Shape (Also Because Last-Minute Member Richard Snyder 'Fell In Place') And When
The Band Returned To The Usa In Late November It Was Tight. One Of The Last Concerts Of What Would Turn Out To Be Beefheart's Last Tour,
Took Place On 15.01.81 In The Farthest North-West And Coincidenced With The Captain's Fortieth Birthday. So It Was Very Easy For The
Bootleggers To Find A Title For The Show.

Gerry Pratt Said This Was His Favourite Boot And It Is A Great Show, Very Relaxed - A Bit Too Relaxed During 'Bat Chain Puller' Where
Beefheart Appears To Have Wandered Away From The Microphone When He Is Supposed To Be Singing So They Have To Start Again! It Is A Series
Of Highlights With The Audience Singing "Happy Birthday" And Beefheart Asking For "Not Urine-Colored Lights" And Berating The Audience About
The "Smoke Smell". The Music Includes Brilliant Driving Versions Of 'Hot Head'/'Ashtray Heart' And A 'Safe As Milk' Taken At Top Speed.