Danny Gatton
Danny and the Fat Boys
The Childe Harold
Washington, D.C.
March 12, 1974

And now for a treat for Danny Gatton fans. This is dathead2's remaster of the expanded version of this show, which was broadcast back then on Georgetown University's WGTB. As you'll hear, these guys played all sorts of music, from "Maybelline" to Horace Silver's "Song For My Father," along with "A Whiter Shade of Pale," for cryin' out loud. Note the fab keyboard playing by Dick Heintze, who should be familiar to Roy Buchanan fans. I've added a couple of pix of the Childe Harold I took recently in case someone wants to do the "artwork" thing.

My lineage: CDR > EAC

These are dathead2's notes:

Danny Gatton 12-mar-1974
Childe Harold Washington, DC

--- cd 1/2 (40:39) ---

01 all about my girl
02 if you should lose me
03 waiting for a train (all around the water tank)
04 hand clappin'
05 ain't that a shame
05 possibly called "rooster song"
06 troubles troubles troubles
07 harlem nocturne
- set break -

--- cd 2/2 (50:18) ---

01 maybelline
02 american music
03 stormy/monday
04 i'm ready
05 you belong to me
06 song for my father
07 whiter shade of pale
08 orange blossom special

Danny Gatton and the Fat Boys 12-mar-1974
Childe Harold Washington, DC

rate=44.1kHz scms=00 source=sbd(fm) time=01:30 quality=9

note=Billy Hancock (bass, vocals), Dave Elliott (drums), note=Dick Heintze (keys), Ralph McDuffie (sax)

note=WGTB FM broadcast (Georgetown University 90.1 [later 92.3]) note=better guitar in right channel 03:00 to 03:45 in t08 note=right channel damaged, thus left chan to right copies note=Heintze's Hammond B3 playing is loud and clear note=some hiss and buzz, but overall very nice!

note=fades & minor edits via audacity, burned via xcdroast (linux), note=DAT > SGI via dodat, 48k aiff > 44k wav via sox note=all digital edits using Linux Fedora4 note=sgi DAT is an Archive/Python 25601-XXX2.75 note=pc CDR is a LITE-ON LTR-52327S

note=FM CAS > CAS > mt's rig > DAT > SGI > PC > CDR
note=mt's rig: TEAC V-900X CAS (azimuth adjustment) >
note= BBE Sound 362 Sonic Maximizer (light eq & phase correction) > note= TC electronics triple-C (compression & A>D) > Sony R700 DAT

note=on 1xCDR90, 2xCDR80 & 1xDAT180 (DAT is unedited)

note=copied some L>R & some R>L chan first 30 seconds of track 01 note=copied left chan to right from 00:00 to 00:19 of track 02 note=removed DJ station id from right chan at 02:29 to 02:31 of track 05 note=copied left chan to right chan from 02:56-03:03 & 03:13-03:14 of track 06 note=removed a "quack" by DJ at 04:26 & "we'ld like to remind you..." in track 07 note=raised level of R chan +3db for all of track 07, 11, 12 note=copied right chan to left chan from 00:00 to 00:03 of track 08 note=raised level of R chan +7db from 00:00 to 00:08 of track 08 note=raised level of R chan +2db for all of track 08, 09, 10, 13, 14, 15 (01:48 to end) note=copied left chan to right chan from 01:28 to 01:33 of track 09 note=left DJ at end of t08 to preserve Billy's talking note=smoothed transition from track 09 to track 10 note=removed small < .5 sec tape slip at 06:27 in track 10 note=mid-guitar solo cut smoothed out at 06:27 in track 10 note=copied left chan to right chan from 04:00 to end of track 14 note=removed station id from very end of t14 note=removed small < 1 second glitch at 00:53 in track 15