Danny Gatton's Redneck Jazz Explosion

Danny Gatton - guitar
Buddy Emmons- pedal steel guitar
Steve Wolf - bass
Scott Taylor- drums

Cellar Door Wash, DC 3/2/79 late set


A GREAT set and a GREAT sounding set.....but there is tape hiss. I played with it
but anything I did just made the music sound bad, so I left it in. With that said, the
instruments are clear and way up front. The hiss is only noticable on the more
quiet sections. I don't see this on too many lists, so I don't think it's too widely circulated. ALSO, anyone who can successfully remove the hiss and still keep the integrity of the music is welcome to try a re-master.

ALSO, I did edit this: there had been a comedian named Spike who came up and "sang" 3 songs. I deleted them.

1. Instrumental (can't remember title!!) fades in
2. band intros
3. Instrumental ( title??)
4. Killer Joe ( fades in)
5. Land of Make Believe
6. Little Darlin' (fades in)
7. Ode to Billie Joe
8. Harlem Nocturne
9. solo guitar intro>
10. Kitchen Sink Medley ( Peanuts, Orange Blossom Special, etc..)