Danny Gatton Band
The Gentry
Washington, DC
February 8, 1985
CD1:Master Audience Cassette (Audio Technica 9400 Stereo Mike on foam block stand on
table DFC 6' from stage lip > Sony D5-M)> Waveterminal 2496> Samplitude Project 5.55>HD>CDWave to split
tracks>FLACFrontend encoder.
CD2: Same as CD1, except I recorded the split .wav files to CD, extracted from the CD with EAC, and encoded to FLAC.
Taped with Danny's permission; I guessed at some song titles.

***NOTE: To repair errors in my earlier torrent of this show, I retranscribed the original master audience
cassette #1 from this show to my hard drive, split the tracks, and encoded the filesto FLAC. This newly transcribed
material is the first CD of this torrent and is the same material from CD1 of the earlier torrent. The files in the
second CD are identical to the earlier torrent; I am posting them here to provide the show in one place.
Hope this addresses the earlier errors in CD1 of earlier torrent, for which I apologize.
Danny lives!

Set 1:
Cool Breeze
Bass Solo>
Orange Blossom Medley (contains many quotes)
Elvis Medley
Moonlight Serenade (Perry Mason Theme).
R&B Shuffle> (contains several quotes)
Fingers on Fire
Set 2:
R&B Jam
Sittin' On Top of the World

Set 2 (cont.)
Hand Jive>
Linus and Lucy>
Mickey Mouse Club>
Fingers on Fire
Danny B. Goode>
Rock Around the Clock>
Keep on the Beat
Blues Jam
Ubangie Stomp

Danny Gatton Band:
Danny Gatton- guitar
John Previti- bass
Pete Kennedy- guitar and vocals
Dave Elliott- drums