Danny Gatton 30-nov-1991
Chestnut Caberet Philadelphia, PA

--- cd 1/2 (44:25) ---

01 funky mama
02 it doesn't matter anymore
03 blues newburg
04 sun medley:
mystery train >
my baby left me >
that's all right
05 red label
06 [talk - gold rush intro]
07 gold rush suite

--- cd 2/2 (44:22) ---

01 harlem nocturne > jam >
02 she's about a mover
she's a woman >
she's about a mover
03 apricot brandy
04 seven come eleven >
drums >
george of the jungle >
tarara boom de-ay >
loony tunes theme >
hand clappin' >
seven come eleven
05 honky tonkin' country girl >
06 cliff galup jam >
07 beer bottle slide > jam >
08 honky tonkin' country girl

Danny Gatton 30-nov-1991
Chestnut Caberet Philadelphia, PA

rate=44.1kHz scms=00 source=sbd time=01:29 quality=10

note=John Previti (bass), Billy Windsor (vocals, rhythm guitar),
note=Bill Holloman (keys, horns), Shannon Ford (drums)

note=master VHS audio sbd > CAS > mt's rig > DAT > sgi > pc > CDR
note=CAS recorded with Dolby C (but not played back with it)

note=mt's rig: TEAC V-900X CAS (azimuth adjustment) >
note= BBE Sound 362 Sonic Maximizer (light eq & phase correction) >
note= TC electronics triple-C (compression & A>D) > Sony R700 DAT

note=dat > sgi via dodat (sgi/irix), minor edits and fades via audacity,
note=aiff > wav via sox, burned via xcdroast/cdrecord
note=all digital audio work via PC with Linux (RedHat FC4)
note=raised levels 2.9dB during Danny talking on most tracks

note=some buzzing during "harlem nocturne"
note=the "george > tarara > loony" info came from a guy on the internet
note="apricot brandy" is just an instrumental "shotgun"
note=on 2xCDR80 (edited) & 1xCDR90 (edited) & 1xDAT (unedited)

note=sgi DAT is an Archive/Python 25601-XXX2.75
note=pc CDR is a LITE-ON LTR-52327S