Danny Gatton Trio

Danny Gatton - guitar
John Previti- bass
Timm Biery - drums

15th Annual DC World Jazz Festival

Freedom Plaza , Washington, DC

July 3, 1994

fm broadcast

For some reason, this is one that hasn't circulated too much.

Another GREAT Gatton show and the sound is wonderful- the only problem is a slight buzz sound.Can't tell if it's from the broadcast or the gear on stage ( or both), but it's really not too bad. Without that little buzz, this is a solid A recording. With the buzz, it's probably an A-.

PLUS...the really interesting thing is that track #13 is an interview with Danny just after he gets off stage. It's a very good interview, but it's also very sad as Danny took his own life only 3 months later. He talks about his home, his family, his influences and the pressure of being "Number One". He also describes the new Fender double-neck that he was starting to play.

1) Well You Needn't
2) Land of Make Believe
3) Blues Newburg
4) Gearheads
5) Secret Love
6) Harlem Nocturne
7) Seven Come Eleven ( short w/ drum solo)>
8) Bass solo>
9) Short instrumentalsnippet ( title??)
10)another short instrumental snippet ( title??)>
11) ?????>
12) Simpson's Theme> ???> band intros
13) Interview with Danny

NOTE: Tracks 9 through 11 are all part of Danny's famous Kitchen-Sink medley, so whoever originally tracked this disc tried to break the medley into its individual songs ( a near-impossible task!!)