Danny Gatton and the Redneck Jazz Explosion
date and venue unknown

Most likely, the disc that this music came from was produced by a dude on his home computer. The accompanying setlist was wrong and the cheesy graphics were half rate. The ink on the disc label smeared. At the end of 'Picking My Pepper,' Gatton introduces the next song as 'There Stands the Glass,' yet 'Caravan' is played. This calls into question the completeness of the recording. The obviously lame thing about the disc is the absence of a date. Perhaps some of the Gatton fans out there can come up with one since Danny explains that this is the first time that he's played with Buddy in about 10 years and that this group is much larger than the first generation Redneck Jazz Explosion. The original disc was entitled, "DANNY GATTON & BUDDY EMMONS WITH THE REDNECK JAZZ ORCHESTRA - LIVE VOLUME 1." With everything that's wrong with this disc, why would you want it? It's simple. The sound and musical quality is phenomenal! This is obviously a soundboard and it's as good as it gets. This is perhaps the jazziest incarnation of Gatton. This band is packed with tons of brass. This is an essential recording for those that dig the jazzier side of Gatton. If there is significant interest in this torrent, I'll follow-up with volume 2. Happy Holidays!


1. Blues Intro
2. Rainbow Riot
3. Mamaceita > What'd I Say*
4. Guilty
5. Hey Good Lookin'*
6. Picking My Pepper
7. Caravan

* w/ vocals

Total length: 1:03

Source: silver CD? > EAC > FLAC Fontend level 7

Personnel (names may not be spelled correctly):

Danny Gatton (electric guitar)
Buddy Emmons (steel guitar)
Billy Windsor (vocals)
Walter Melon (steel guitar?)
John Pravity (upright bass)
Chris Badistone (saxophone)
Bruce Swain (saxophone)
Phil Berlin (saxophone)
John Jenson (trombone)
Barry Heart (drums)