eddie money party - longbranch saloon, berkeley,
california, august 16th (seen also as 26) 1976.

eddie money - vocals
john cipollina - guitars
kathy mcdonald - vocals
mario cipollina - bass
jimmy money - guitar
nick gravenites - vocals, guitar
merl saunders - keyboards
gino - drums

cd 1.

1st set.

1. mona

2nd set.

2. keep you satisfied
3. save me from a living hell
4. bye bye
5. my party
6. you don't miss your water
7. born in chicago

cd 2.

1. if you really loved your man

great audience, it sounds like a soundboard.

master reel to reel > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

the version of mona is unbelivable, eddie money is completely
drunk, and he starts to talk a lot with the audience in meantime
he sings, he does an hilarious "sermon" againt the record's industry !