Eddie Money
My Father's Place
Rosyln, NY
02.25.78 (see note)

Source: Pre-FM SBD feed > Nak 550 > Maxell UDXL2 (no NR)
Transfer: MC > Nak CR7-A (azimith adjust) > SBM-1 (s/pdif) > Lynx Studio Technology One (soundcard) > SoundForge 4.5 > CD Architect 4.0f > Red Book CDR
Re-Master: CDR > WAV > Wavelab 5.01 (L3 Ultramaximzer to increase headroom > SHN

1. WLIR Intro >
Wanna Be A Rock 'n Roll Star
2. Jealousys
3. You Really Got A Hold On Me
4. Don't Worry
5. Call On Me
6. I'll Give Her Everything
7. So Good To Be In Love Again
8. Baby Hold On To Me
9. Two Tickets To Paradise
10. Everybody Rock 'n Roll The Place
Second Encore:
11. Back In New York

Note: This recording came dated February 26, 1978, which was a Sunday. The recording has several references to the performance being on Saturday night, however. My guess is that the show was billed for Saturday, February 25, but that the master cassette tape was labelled and dated after midnight, on February 26, or the show was broadcast on WLIR on Sunday the 26th. Whatever the truth, I've been unable to locate anything more about the correct date, and I've chosen the 25th for this recording.

Jimmy Lyon was on lead guitar.