Electric Flag
Winterland Auditorium
San Francisco
Dec. 8 1967
AUD > ? > CDR > EAC > FLAC

01. Introduction > ?
02. ?
03. Groovin' Is Easy
04. ?
05. Going Down Slow
06. Another Country
07. ?

- I very recently acquired this recording, and the previous night. I never seen it in circulation, so here it goes!
- Recording equipment, generation, et al. is all unknown
- No EQing, speed correction, or editing done.. what you hear is the way I got it
- Setlist is very uncertain, so if you are aware of an title to an unknown song or mislabelled, feel free to let me/us know
- Quite rough sound quality, but okay given it's time era, about a "C"
- Poster art is included for anyone feeling up to doing some cover art
- Any questions, corrections or comments, feel free to email me at amellowsoul@happyhippie.com