Emerson Lake and Palmer Long Beach Auditorium 1972-03-22 master AUD reel-to-reel 2nd only performance of "Trilogy" (first time in circulation) mp3 sample

Welcome to this exceedingly difficult restoration. If you have been following me, you know that some of these shows don't exist all in one place. This one was further complicated by having three different overlapping sources. To make matters worse, running speeds were different as well.

From careful examination and comparison, I have put together the most complete version of this show that I could find. Although not complete, you now have 95 minutes worth of a very rare performance.

I'd like to thank Simon Featherston for correspondence and encouragement in making this show public, and also to DocTinker for motivation with his Karlsruhe Hamburg torrent.

Simon's site:


I did not realise how rare "Trilogy" was in concert. Apparently the band only performed it a few times. Afterwards it was abandoned for technical reasons. Note the explanation of using a tape to perform with - not only was that a new thing, that must have been really difficult to do live in 1972!

There is some degradation in sound quality toward the end of the show. The last 32 minutes may or may not be a copy of the master. There was no other tape to be found, so if it is a copy then the master is to be considered lost for that portion. It also ran 57 cents too slow. Speed correction with an anti-alias filter was applied to this portion only. The crowd gets so crazy at this point that the noise may also have contributed to the loss of fidelity.

I hope you enjoy this show. It's a great performance.


Tarkus - Eruption
Stones Of Years
Take A Pebble
Abbadon's Bolero
Pictures At An Exhibition
Rondo (cut)

Flac Frontend level 6 - sectors aligned and verified


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