The Faces
Tampa Stadium , Tampa Florida
April 30th , 1972
nice audience sourced recording

1. It's All Over Now
2. Miss Judys Farm
3. Maybe I'm Amazed
4. Too Bad
5. Memphis
6. Love In Vain
7. Stay With Me
8. That's All You Need/ Gasoline Alley
9. I Feel So Good

Nice sound quality for the time period. I'm not sure if this is the whole show or not. The eac log show's a problem on track 9 but after giving it a listen i could'nt hear anything.
There are several tape start/stops but these seem to be in between songs. I have several other faces shows of varying quality. If theres a interest i will seed some others?.

New Orleans 9/23/75 (freezer recording very nice)
Dundee '72 (no info on this one) average audience sourced recording for the period.
Keith Faces the Faces 12/23/74 Anyone have info on this one. I think it is from a London show?
Detroit '74 Not sure of the exact date?