Fairport Convention
Cambridge Corn Exchange
11 February 2006


01 intro
02 Sir Patrick Spens
03 intro
04 Wait for the tide to come in
05 intro
06 Canny capers
07 intro
08 The banks of sweet primroses
09 intro
10 Edge of the world
11 intro
12 Red and gold
13 intro
14 John Gaudie
15 intro
16 Crazy man Michael

01 intro
02 Tam lin
03 intro
04 Rocky road
05 intro
06 Summer in December
07 intro
08 The swirling pit
09 Matty Groves
10 Rutland reel
11 intro
12 Meet on the ledge

Gerry Conway
Chris Leslie
Simon Nicol
Dave Pegg
Ric Sanders

Edmund Whitcomb - cornet (Red and gold, Meet on the ledge)
PJ Wright - guitar, vocal (Meet on the ledge)

This one comes with a bit of a health warning. The sound of the band isn't bad but there is the frequent squeaking of my chair and the sound of my neighbour tapping her foot. This could become annoying and if you get the chance of a different recording, I'd go for that one.

That aside, this was a good show with an interesting setlist taken from throughout their career including a few things that haven't been in the set for ages.

They were quite chatty, so I've also separated the intros out from the songs. You skip every other track and have a tight album of songs (with squeaks and taps).

If I've not put you off, I hope you enjoy the show.

Possible artwork is included