Family Stone Experience
July 7, 2006
Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, Ca.

-Audience recording from the dat master tape. This is the 8:30 late show. The band features 3 original members of Sly & The Family Stone: Rose, Jerry and Cynthia.
Notes from cujofats: "I was surprised this recording came out as good as it did, as there were plenty of drunks and some noise coming from the rides. There is one ride that makes a swooshing sound every so often. (apparantly this can also be heard on the 7/30/05 recording of the band at this location) Regardless, you can hear all the instruments and vocals clearly. If you are at all curious what the band sounds like these days, this recording gives a pretty decent idea."

--source: mm-hlsc-1>mm-cbm-mini>sony pcm-m1
--taper: cujofats

Family Stone Experience:
Rose Stone-(Sly's sister)keyboards & vocals
Jerry Martini-saxophone
Cynthia Robinson-trumpet
Fred Ross-vocals
Vernon "Ice" Black-guitar
Thomas "Tasche" Cryer-keyboard
Blaise Sison-bass
Billy "Shoes" Johnson-drums

1. -announcement
2. -intro/instrumental
3. Sing A Simple Song
4. Everyday People
5. -band introductions
6. Dance To The Music
8. Hot Fun In The Summertime
10. Stand
11. -more band introductions
12.Thank You
13. -even more band introductions
14. Family Affair
15. Music Lover/I Want To Take You Higher
16. I Want To Take You Higher>
17. guitar solo with a few notes of Purple Haze & Star Spangled Banner
18. -outro