Fantastic 4
Lirica Lounge
Jam Cruise IV

Setlist TBD

Source: DPA 4011's > V3 > DA-P1
Transfer: R500 > AP2496 > CDWave > CoolEdit 96 (custom bass rolloff filter > Normalize) > flac

This quickly turned into another "cavalcade of stars". Lettuce's bass player ET? Sits in from
the third song. By the end there was Karl D, Brian Jordan and a several others I can't recall.

The Lirica was a very boomy room and easily the worst sounding room on the boat.
I had to doctor this recording. Believe me unless you had 15+ inch w00fers you wouldn't
have liked the sound. The filter was also needed to bring out the horns and guitars.
As a result the first couple tracks sound a bit thin but once the bass joins in it gets
heavier in the low end. I did my best hopefully Caution Recording and JC will officially
release this set as it was one of the top sets (IMHO) of the cruise. Some very chatty spots.

Taped and transfered by Ethan Alpert (