Fleetwood Mac- Rumours Rehearsals 1977

Rumours Rehearsals
1.Dreams (Vocals By Christine)
2.You Make Loving Fun
3.Dreams (Vocals By Christine & Lindsey)
4.Blue Letter
5.Rhiannon (Vocals By Christine)
6.Landslide (Vocals By Christine & Lindsey)
7.Over My Head
8.Go Your Own Way
9.Gold Dust Woman
10.The Chain

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Feb.23,1977-Los Angeles, CA-Rumours Rehearsal
1.Never Going Back Again
3.Go Your Own Way
4.Believe Me
6.Tell Me All The Things You Do
7.Oh Daddy
8.Oh Daddy #2
9.Gold Dust Woman

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Feb.25,1977-Los Angeles, CA-Rumours Rehearsal
1.Say You Love Me (Cuts In)
2.Believe Me (Cuts In)
3.Believe Me #2 (Cuts In)
4.Misc. Talking
5.Go Your Own Way
6.Dreams (Cuts In)
7.The Chain (Cuts In)
9.I'm So Afraid
10.Oh Daddy
11.Gold Dust Woman
12.Oh Well
13.Blue Letter (Cuts In)
14.Tell Me All the Things You Do

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Feb.26,1977-Rumours Rehearsal-California #2
Disc 1
1.Say You Love Me
2.Go Your Own Way
3.Believe Me
5.The Chain
8.Never Going Back Again

Disc 2
1.You Make Loving Fun
2.I'm So Afraid
3.Oh Daddy
4.Gold Dust Woman
5.Oh Well
6.World Turning
8.Sunny Side Of Heaven

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