Artist: Flo & Eddie
Venue: The Roxy Theatre, Hollywood, CA, USA
Date: 1976-09-26
CD cat no:
pre-FM or SBD

Flo & Eddie (Mark Volman und Howard Kaylan) - voc
Phil Reed - guit
Eric Scott - bs
Greig Krampf - dr
Andy Cahan - keyb
Ian Underwood - sax
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Walt Fowler - trumpet

01 Intro 02:12
02 Cheap 04:42
03 "Kiss" routine > talking about Dylans babuschka 03:21
04 It Ain't Me Babe 02:37
05 Best Possible Me 04:05
06 talks about Flo & Eddie w/ Springsteen routine 02:00
07 Nikki Hoi w/ Rockstar routine 08:42
08 Mama, Open Up 04:27
09 The Lights Go Down 04:22
10 Illegal, Immoral And Fattening 04:15
11 Now You Love Me Too 03:59
12 Elenore 02:27
13 Intermission - talking with the audience - band intro
- phone call [some minor noises, PA? phone line?] 11:17
14 The Tibetan Memory Trick 04:34

01 "Paul is dead" routine > There's No Business Like Show Business 02:46
02 Show Me The Way 01:19
03 Hot 03:12
04 Sway When You Walk 02:08
05 Itīs Kama Sutra Time > 04:15
06 Rock And Roll Endorsement Spoofs > 06:13
07 Eddie, Are You Kidding? > 00:47
08 Keep It Warm 04:42
09 Moving Targets 04:27
10 Happy Together 03:56
11 She Would Rather Be With Me 03:19

Iīve got this a couple of years ago in a trade, so I donīt have the knowledge of the genealogie.
Because this is an US-show, I donīt belive, that this is a broadcast, because then it would have a couple of "bleeps",
maybe itīs an pre-FM, maybe itīs an SBD - I donīt know.
This is from the 1976 tour, when Flo & Eddie promoted their new LP "Moving Targets".
If you like the "Illegal, Immoral & Fattening" LP, you probaly love this show.
This is an 30 year old show & the mix is a bit "rough"; but anyhow, this is a great performance of the guys with lot of fun & humor.

some info for Flo & Eddie:

from New Musical Express, 1976-12-04
Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman:
They joined Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention in 1970. While with The Mothers, they appeared on "Chunga's Revenge", "200 Motels",
"Live At The Fillmore", "Just Another Band From L.A." as well as appearing in the film "200 Motels".
They toured and recorded for several years as "Flo & Eddie" - nicknames derived from their credits as 'The Phlorescent Leech and Eddie'
on Zappas Chunga's Revenge.
By 1976 they were reported to have "auditioned for Frank's new band - they said that they couldn't stand paying out for their own group
all the time - and Frank wanted them, but Columbia Records pressured them to take their own group on the road to promote their new
album Moving Targets."