Frank Zappa

3 Dec 1967, Fifth Dimension, Ann Arbor, MI

Zappabase: 45 min, SBD, A/A-
WIU2B: 43:01 min, SBD, A-/B+

track list:
01 - Big Leg Emma
02 - King Kong pt. 1
03 - King Kong pt. 2
04 - America Drinks And Goes Home
05 - Hungry Freaks Daddy
06 - King Kong pt. 3
07 - Status Back Baby (cuts)

total tape length 46:57 side A including lead in and lead out.
length of the recording: 43:01

no noisereduction, no mastering just the raw transfer!

AUD>unknown mics>cassette>(?)unknown generation cassette Maxell UD 90>TEAC W790R tape deck>Terratec DMX6 Fire soundcard>Adobe Audition 1.5>WAV>Flac Frontend encoding level 5>FLAC

tape recorded: unknown
tape transferred: WIU2B