Frank Zappa
Capitol Theatre Passaic May 9 1973
Aud 189 min B+

Lineage : Recorded using SONY TC-126 portable stereo cassette recorder with F-99S microphone
Master cassette --> TEAC reel to reel --> HD --> cdr --> EAC --> shn >
>Download > Soundforge/Volume adjustment/Channel adjustment/ Edits smoothened/ > Flac > You

This show was seeded by The Grapeman at STG some time ago.
Thanks to him for this great show !

It's a real great show ..FZ recorded this show (thats also the reason, why its so super long) and the band is mostly in great spirit

It consisted of 39 song-portions, which I re-edited into 23 songs.

Edits smoothened means simple, that the gaps that were created by turning off the taperecorder for saving tape (?)
and "very" audible, were made in-audible by me.

Channel adjustment means that, as the music happened at about 92 % in the right channel and
the left channel delivered only chatter and crowd noise, I moved 40 % of the right channel into
the left channel and 32 % of the left channel into the right channel, so that the music is now positioned a little right
from the center. This way you feel much more involved in the whole event. It's still stereo !!, but better balanced.

NO NOISEREDUCTION , No equalization.

CD 1 65.50 min
Tuning Up
Willie The Pimp
Dupree's Paradise
Camarillo Brillo

CD 2 68.05 min
Yellow Snow Suite
Farther Oblivion
Bebop Tango
Drum Solo
Farther O'Blivion Outro
Cosmik Debris
Dog Meat

CD 3 55.03
Big Swifty
Eat That Question
Zomby Woof
Son Of Mr Green Genes
King Kong
Drum Solo 2
Chunga's Revenge
Mr. Green Genes Reprise