FZ 11-6-74 Syria Mosque - Pittsburg PA
This tape is from the "Dick Barber" series.

Here is the story behind the 1974 soundboard shows.

This tape is from the "Dick Barber" series. Mr. Barber was Zappa's road manager from 1968-1976. The Master Cassettes were purchased from Mr. Barber in 1991. I believe there were five people who collectively put their money together in equal portions. The five people were Dennis Simms, Rob Samler, Eric "Mr. Regular" Buxton, myself Bruce Burnett, and I'm sorry but I can't remember the fifth persons name, I sincerely apologize for my poor memory. I haved lived in Claremont, Pomona and Cucamonga for many years. Then one day my Grandmother said, that her property manager was Dick Barber for the building where her business was located. I called Mr. Barber and the rest is history!
We hope you enjoy the series!

BASF Master Cassette > Tascam Model 130 Professional Cassette Deck > Tascam DA40 > Tascam CDRW5000 > Samplitude Professional 8 > FLAC Frontend v1.1 Encode Level 6

Transferred, Mixed and Converted to FLAC by Bruce Burnett

Do Not Decode To MP3 or Other Lossy Formats

Set 1

1. Tush Tush Tush
2. Stinkfoot
3. Inca Roads
4. Yellow Snow Medley
5. Cosmic Debris
6. Florentine Pogen
7. I'm Not Satisfied > Big Swifty (cut)

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