Thanks to Galactic for allowing me to record this show!
Knowing the soundman for the venue did not hurt either. Keep in mind I have been sitting on this one for 9+ years now and only until recently have I been able to do the proper justice to this recording for public dissemination. As far as I remember I showed up at the gig with every intent to record using my AT822 stereo mic and my Sony D-8. As I was sitting outside waitng around when a van with a short U-Haul tagalong pulled up and members of Galactic began to stumble out amidst all the smoke and that funny smell like they had maybe run over a skunk about a mile back. I had a great time chatting with them being a musician myself and told them of my intent to record them. They told me if I wanted to I could get a soundboard patch as long as I sent them a copy. Also no problems with regards to seeding as long as everybody kept it free. I was pretty exited about that and later discovered that I also knew the soundman pretty well so he hooked me up with a patch and also used some mics for some ambience which I think as you will see turned a real nice Matrix. I am sorry that I do not remember all the particulars. This is the entire show from the State College, Pa. event although Houseman does refer to it as College Station by mistake. His eyes we're really red.