Teatro dell'Opera
Jamcruise V


Disc 1:
, FEMA, Go-go, Spiderbite, Ainít what you think (Roger Lewis), Hamps Hump (Roger & Elgin Park),
Doomed, Black Talk (Will Bernard), Yes we can (ALO)

Disc 2:
Chicken Pox-> 2 dots, Hell Below (Ivan Neville, eric Krasno), Black Eyed Pea-> Trampled Under Foot -> Immigrant Song (Luther),
SweetBack (Peter (new mastersounds), Luther), Clockstopper, Tiger Roll-> Bounce baby-> Spaceheadz,
Whole Lotta Love (Jen Durkin), Little Miss Lover (Jen Durkin)

Mike Dillon
Roger Lewis
Elgin Park
Will Bernard
Ivan Neville
Eric Krasno
Jen Durkin

Source: DPA 4011's > V3 > D8
Transfer: R500 > AP2496 > CDWave > flac

Taped and transferred by Ethan Alpert (

Notes: I got the set list from's setlist page. There 1 song on the first disc not listed.
The track list is correct through Hamps Hump then there is and additional song in the next three and the last
track is "yes we can"

Special thanks to Robert Mercurio and Galactic for listening to me when I told them Jen Durkin would sit in
if they asked. Big thanks to Jen Durkin who said she'd sit in if asked :)
According to Jen it's the first time they performed together (and hopefully not the last!) :)