Garaj Mahal
March 29th, 2006
The State Theater, Falls Church, VA

t00 distorted unknown 01
t01 unknown 01
t02 drum intro
t03 unknown 02
t04 unknown 03
t05 bass intro
t06 unknown 04
t07 intros
t08 the shadow

t09 unknown 05
t10 kybd intro
t11 unknown 06
t12 unknown 07
t13 crowd
t14 band speaks
t15 e: punjab
t16 crowd

Recorded using 2 Sennheiser 441s On Stage XY pattern centered on drums > Sony SBM-1 > Tascam DAP-1 (48k) DAT master by bob,

Master DAT playback - Sony A7 > SB Live (48 > 44.1 conversion) > Cool Edit Pro 2 and single wave was normalized to 100% not equal L/R.

Tracked using CD Wave 1.71.

Encoding - FLAC front-end 1.1.0 set to Level 8 with verify.

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