Grateful Dead
Sloth00 Novelty #1

This is a NOVELTY and NOT an Archive Quality Distribution!
"Believe it if you need it, if you don't, pass it on!"

This is a disc that was given to me by a fellow student at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1998, who wishes to rename nameless. This disc was a project he did on their Pro-Tools Lab using DAT sources with strict no equalization, only mixing. Definately worth a listen, very well done.

The entire setlist is weaved within 01/20/68, Eureka Municipal Auditorium

Track List
1) Intro > Clementine
2) Caution>
3) Jam>
4) 66 Surf jam>
5) New Potato Caboose>
6) All Over Now Baby Blue>
7) Jam>
8) Pig Harp Jam>
9) Jam>
10) Prisoner Blues>
11) Jam>
12) Dark Star>
13) The Eleven>
14) Caution Jam>
15) DarkStar>
16) Spanish Jam>
17) Mason's Children>
18) Death Don't Have No Mercy
19) Bid You Goodnight