Grateful Dead
KFRC Studio
San Francisco, CA
Perspective show w/ Steve O'Shea

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gd66-11-00.FM.interview.flac [6:50]
gd67-00-00.FM.interview.flac [23:17]

Recording Info:

Track 1: original November 1966 broadcast (incomplete):
Source: FM -> ?? -> Sorochty's unknown gen cassette -> wav -> FLAC

Track 2: early 1967 rebroadcast (compete):
Source: Tom Ordon's Master FM reel -> 1st gen Hi-Fi VHS -> wav -> FLAC

This torrent contains two copies of an interview from 1966.

The first file is an incomplete copy of the original November 1966 broadcast. This commonly circulated on cassette. The source for the digital file is Dave Sorochty's unknown gen cassette.

The second file is a complete copy of the early 1967 rebroadcast of the same interview. This never circulated on cassette. The source for the digital file is a 1st gen Hi-Fi VHS (audio only) copy of
Tom's master.

Near the end of the interview they say they will be playing at the Fillmore with James Cotton the "weekend after this". That is a reference to the concerts they played with the James Cotton Blues Band and Lothar and the Hand People on November 18-20, 1966. The interview probably took place between Monday November 7th and Thursday the 10th.

Dave Sorochty
September 2, 2013

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