Grateful Dead
Polo Field, Golden Gate Park
San Francisco

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Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002 shn em up initiative 4/28/2002

Thanks to Raoul Duke for the disks!

Disk 1 [30:26]
01. [09:11] //Morning Dew ;
02. [11:01] Viola Lee Blues ;
03. [10:13] Good Morning Little Schoolgirl*

*Charles Lloyd on flute on GMLS.

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d1t2 05:34 - skip or similar anomaly
3. From

COMMENTS "The Great Human Be-In" - afternoon concert. Other artist(s): Jefferson Airplane, QMS, Country Joe & The Fish and The Charlatans". *Charles Lloyd on flute on GMLS.

Transcribed by Glenn Gillis:
Best of all were the glorious free concerts in the Panhandle -- a flatbed truck, makeshift electricity, food, wine, friends, sunshine, and some wonderful bands who hadn't hit the big time yet. At first it seemed amazing that we knew by name so many of the hundreds gathered; but as the months went by, our awareness of a larger community grew until it peaked that fine day in January of 1967, the day of the Tribal Stomp at the Polo Fields to be known as the "Human Be In."

We heard it through the grapevine, and a half dozen of us started early that morning to walk the couple of miles to the park. As we walked along Lincoln Avenue, we noticed other groups of neighbors walking in the same direction. More joined in off side streets, and by the time we turned north into the park, we were a large, laughing group. A half mile later, we were a horde and as the Be-In took shape through the day, we were awed and thrilled as the Polo Fields filled up with more than 20,000 people. It was a day of innonence and hope; and in many ways the last moments of naivete for a neighborhood that had just gone public. -- Rosie McGee from: Brandelius, Jerilyn Lee, "Grateful Dead Family Album -- p40. New York: Warner Books, Inc., 1989.

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David Sorochty:
A short while ago I mentioned that I received a tape from David Dieterich which had on it some undated filler which included an unknown instrumental version of Viola Lee Blues.

I listened carefully to that bit and here's what I got:

Midnight Hour (13.17)
Viola Lee Blues# (4.10) instrumental version
#Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (0.27) (with flute)

When I heard the flute on GMLSG I thought immediately of 1-14-67 and sure enough that's what it was, but just the tail end of the song. After checking the Viola Lee turned out to also be from 1-14-67, but just from the beginning up to the quick dropout in that song at the 4 minute 10 second mark. I have not really
tried to figure out where the Midnight Hour comes from, but I suspect it will be duplication of something common.

I was fooled into thinking the Viola Lee was an unique instrumental version because it didn't have the end of the song which is the only place they sung the lyrics on 1-14-67. I hope this helps to clarify things for you if you come across this item.

Think quickly - where else is there a 13 minute 17 second Midnight Hour?

Teddy GoodBear:
After listening to the rap in GMLSG, I'd say it's Lloyd with help from Pigpen. I've not heard Lloyd other than this recording, nor do I know what Lloyd's voice sounds like; as I'm just guessing. So I'm listing this entry as "sounding like Lloyd", unless somebody knows differently.

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