[Got this recently; this is all there is. The quality is exceptional- sounds like it must be studio
but I'm thrown off by the brief (and definite) applause at the end of King Bee. Regardless of lineage
or verification it is still well worth the listen!
- theotherwayne@yahoo.com 6/03]

Here's what the lads at Deadlists.com have to say about it:

Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore Auditorium
Location San Francisco, CA
Date 2/12/67 - Sunday

Smokestack Lightning > King Bee

Comments "Abe Lincoln's Birthday Party, Council for Civil Unity Benefit".
Other artist(s): Moby Grape, Sly & the Family Stone, New Salvation Army Banned and Notes From the Underground.
To see the concert art by artist Hank Lelo: < http://www.pompano.net/~goodbear/concert_art/02_12_67.html
[above url is ng]
> David Sorochty: this tape is mislabeled compilation tape of material from 11/19/66.
This tape was in circulation for years before the complete 11/19/66 became available.
There is some reverb at the beginning of High-Heeled Sneakers which must have been
added later since it is the 11/19/66 performance, which does not have the reverb.

Jim Powell: All tapes circulated marked with this date are mislabeled.
High Heel Sneakers, Cold Rain and Snow, and Smokestack Lightning are all 11/19/66;
the Smokestack Lightning > King Bee is Studio 67.

Teddy GoodBear: While it may be true that all tapes marked with this date are mislabeled,
I have a Smokestack Lightning that I got in the late 70's marked "2/12/67". I'm not able
to tell whether it is a studio or show version, but it definetly is NOT 11/19/66.
It also seems to end without going into anything; as being not the same as below (??/??/67)
"Smokestack Lightning > I'm a King Bee" entry. I agree with the few that believe Smokestack
being played in 1966 was too early!

Teddy GoodBear later goes on to say: My Smokestak tape (which sounds very slow) is as follows
- Bob Weir Interview* [1:20] (talks about Mime troupe billed as GD formally the Warlocks,

Bill Graham calling Billy K. for advice & Bill Graham is the one with the clipboard at
the trips Festival). *Where is this from? If anybody has the rest of this interview,
let me know. Smokestack# [to 9:41#] Now, I'm not sure if it's different than 11/19/66.
It may be the same as Jim said. Being so slow it's hard to tell. I didn't. remember
the cut I had, but there is a cut none the less. Perhaps someone with pitch control
can speed it up & compare it to the 11/19/66 one.

Recordings (?) SB. From A unknown generation source.

Contributors Jeff Tiedrich , David Sorochty , Teddy GoodBear , Jim Powell , Hank Lelo.
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