Grateful Dead
Monterey Pop Festival, Fairgrounds
Monterey, CA

1. Cold Rain And Snow
2. Viola Lee Blues
3. Alligator >
4. Caution (Do Not Stop on Tracks)

Source: SBD:MR>Cass>DAT>ZA2>CD
Alligator -> Caution has no cassette gen.

Comments: (from Dead List Reader)
Alligator > Caution may not be from Monterey.
What makes me suspicious is that at the conclusion of
Caution, Bill Graham is heard to say something like
"let's hear it for the Grateful Dead." Bill Graham
was not the emcee at the Monetery Pop Festival, so
it's doubtful he would introduce the BAND from the
stage. However, some folks have speculated that since
Graham was in attendance and a friend of the Dead,
he might have done the intro and or the outro as a
"guest emcee." The Alligator is a curiosity; it's a
very primordial version without vocals. Some parts
are missing. Pigpen plays harmonica over the "verse"
parts of the song. If indeed this date is accurate
and Alligator was not yet fully fleshed-out as of
mid-June '67, the certainly the true date of "5/5/67"
falls somewhere later in the year.

Jeff Tiedrich .

Thanx and a Tip o' the Hat to David Hollister
Posted to alt.binaries.gdead.highspeed April, 2000