Neal Cassady with the Grateful Dead

There are conflicting reports about when this show took place. Some say it was the opening of the Straight Theatre on 7/23/67. Or it might've come from the Portland, Oregon Acid Test that happened around Christmas, 65 or New Year's day 66. Either way, it's a rare glimpse at Neal and the Dead doing what they do best. It's all one track, but it goes something like this:

01 Jerry introduces Neal Cassady
02 Dead: random sounds, Neal: rap
03 Dead: Lovelight, Neal: rap
04 Dead: Dark Star, Neal: rap

This link has a complete transcription of the Neal's rap, and includes a very detailed explanation of what Neal's talking about by Ken Babbs.

Basically, this is as good a glimpse as you'll find into the mystery and genius that is Neal Cassady. Enjoy!

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Jeremy Pollock