The Grateful Dead 10/31/1967
Billed as"Trips or Freak"
Winterland Arena,San Francisco,Ca.
SBD?->unkown tape generation->HHB CDR830->NEC DVD_RW ND-3520A->EAC->CDWAV-FLAC
(Note at bottom for some editing tr.02)
All Thanks Goes Out To "UNCLE BARRY" Who Without Him This Recording Would Not Have Been Possible. TIME: Total 44:34
Track 01)Alligator->drums 11:56
Track 02)Caution//cut, 18:20
Track 03)Cryptical Envelopment->01:41
Track 04)The Other One-> 02:33
Track 05)Cryptical Reprize 10:41

There is some slight tape hiss but overall very decent recording.This is an exact copy of the tape given to me by Uncle Barry.The Alligator and the drums were left as one track because of Alligator chants and coming in with some great guitar work into a jam.The only editing was done with Caution.There was what appeared to me as a tape flip at 88.8mb which I cut the silence and pasted with the remaining 89.6mb which the music cuts.I faded it and pasted what sounds to be the ending of Caution which is only 6.4mb.It's a real shame the band was coming together and reach a peak when the music cut.The fading and pasting done was with the use of Nero Ultra 7 wav editor. Tom Kikola