Studio Sessions for Anthem of the Sun
Date and location uncertain
Likely Fall of 1967 in California

Disc Time 42:42

01 //That's It For The Other One
02 Alligator >
03 Caution
04 Turn On Your Lovelight
-- Unidentified studio take (mono)
05 Smokestack Lightnin'

Track 01 thru 04: SBD > ? > Cx? > Cassette.
Track 05: SBD > ? > Bootleg Vinyl LP > Cassette.

Transfer: Cassettes > Sony TC-D5M > Realtek AC97 > Soundforge > CD-Wave >
TLH v. (for SBE-OK, FLAC compression & checksums) > FLAC, Dec 2006.

Notes on dating tracks 01 thru 04:
The Taping Compendium Volume One lists the tape as "11/19/67, Unknown Studio
Location Rehearsal". Deadlists calls it "11/1?/67, Rehearsal Studio Session".
The Deaddisc discography page lists the following Anthem studio sessions:
- Sept 1967, RCA Studio A, Hollywood;
- Oct 1967, American Studios, North Hollywood;
- Dec 1967, Century Sound, New York; Olmstead Studios, New York.
To add to the confusion, db.etree lists the following studio tape dates:
"10-20-67, American Studios", "11-19-67 Unknown location", and "12-02-67,
Studio". Obviously, this material fits somewhere within this time period.

TIFTOO cuts in during the first verse. The vocals are mostly missing, then
fade up near the end of the Cryptical Reprise. All the vocals are missing
from Alligator, although they can be heard distantly in the background.
There's some tape-warble damage in the right channel during Lovelight.

The Smokestack take was included as unlabeled filler on a vinyl bootleg LP
of the Terrapin Station outtakes, thus the audible crackle and pop. It is
not the same version that appears in ShnID-18124. Soundforge was used on
all the tapes to make fades, and to adjust the levels in a few spots.


4de431271af04f719d445ccadc33cf04 *gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t01.flac
1d4afa046f7d64c64e0c513708b2cec0 *gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t02.flac
e45fecd460a73c54dcd59ddc0ac67c0c *gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t03.flac
ea32baf8e09831e01db664f04712aac6 *gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t04.flac
ccc0d8561eda50640dbf34425afbb9af *gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t05.flac




length expanded size cdr WAVE problems filename
7:43.08 81692060 --- -- ---xx gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t01.flac
11:15.19 119114732 --- -- ---xx gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t02.flac
8:24.11 88931516 --- -- ---xx gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t03.flac
11:33.25 122304044 --- -- ---xx gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t04.flac
3:47.10 40066364 --- -- ---xx gd1967-xx-xx-studio-t05.flac
42:42.73 452108716 B (totals for 5 files, 0.5649 overall compression ratio)

There were no sector boundary errors.