Grateful Dead
Eureka Municipal Auditorium
Eureka, CA


New Potato Caboose>
Born Cross-Eyed>
Spanish Jam>
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) Jam>
Dark Star

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Dark Star cuts off sooner on some tapes in circulation. ****Need to verify if beginning of Clementine
is clipped or not and the length of Dark Star - my DAT tape has it cut off early on, but a cassette I
have goes on for a minute or two longer and then it cuts off too. Need to check if it is Feedback as
I have it labeled or Space as per Gordon. DeadBase lists a Jam > before Clementine, but in the back
they say Jam#, #Clementine and that the tape cuts in on an announcer saying "...crank it up, lay it
down, Grateful Dead". Glenn Gillis says he has the jam and its more like 45 mins (I think the Jam
was not on the GDH and tapes that trace back to it)****

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