Crystal Ballroom


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//Cryptical Envelopment>
The Other One>
Cryptical Envelopment>
New Potato Caboose
Born Cross-Eyed>
Jam (4)//
//Dark Star (1)>
China Cat Sunflower>
The Eleven>Jam>Feedback

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(1) The first few bars of Dark Star are missing and at the end of it, Phil says
"Leave the light on, will ya?", then a few more notes, and China Cat starts.
Dark Star maps: 0.00 - start, intro, jam, theme ; 1.31 - start verse one ;
2.22 - end verse one, then various short jams, that later appear full blown on
the "Live/Dead" version ; 4.04 - start verse two ; 4.57 - end verse two ;
5.11 - Phil Lesh says: "Leave the light on, will ya?" ; closing notes; 5.28 -
Dark Star ends. The Eleven maps: 0.00 - starts with Garcia ; 0.16 - the eleven,
for real ; 0.28 - Lesh joins in ; 0.54 - everyone is doing the eleven ; 2.46 -
pre-vocals theme ; 2.57 - start verses ; 3.39 - end verses then jam ; 5.18
Garcia starts a new theme not in 11/4 time.

(2) The first few notes of Cryptical are missing.

(3) After the first Cryptical, there is no Drums intro to The Other One. This show
is the first with the standard Other One lyrics - however, Bobby does flub them a
bit: A Spanish lady comes to me, she lays on me this rose It rainbows, spirals
round and round, it trembles and explodes It left my mind, crater of a mind...,
what the hey And the heat came round and busted me for smiling on a cloudy day I
was skipping through the lilly fields, when I came across an empty space It quivered
and exploded, left a bus stop in its place The bus came by and I got on, that's when
it all began There was Cowboy Neal, at the wheel, of a bus to never-ever land It's
the rose from the Spanish lady that rainbows, spirals, trembles and explodes - instead
of the rainbow spiraling, trembling, and exploding. Bob Weir stated in an interview
that after they got back from this tour they found out that Neal Cassady had died on
this night.

(4) This Jam sounds like a Spanish Jam, but it is rather rough, and it is Phil playing
the lead part that Jerry would normally play, with appropriate drums and organ flourishes.

Uploaded by Julian (Jools) Elliott 1 February 2003

Postscript: this shn set had sector boundary errors on 8 of the 9 tracks, and was not seekable. The SBE's were fixed with shntool, and made seekable with mkwACT Feb3/03, and re-upload to