Grateful Dead
Carousel Ballroom, San Francisco



1. //Lovelight-->
2. Not Fade Awa-->
3. Lovelight
4. Stage Banter
5. Chanting


1. Jam-->
2. The Main Ten-->
3. Jam-->
4. The Other One Jam

This is a very strange show. The start of Lovelight is clipped, with
the recording improving from what is a ragged condition at first. The
sound system has technical difficulties, with an intermittent buzz
during portions of Lovelight from a bad electrical connection. There
is some minor static at 9:30 of the first track. The vocals are very
low in the mix, and difficulties with the sound system might explain a
lack of singing during the second set, though the jams are very
inspired. The recording includes a group chant between sets, which may
include members of the band, crowd, a woman who sounds like Grace Slick,
a child, an imposter-drummer, security etc.