Grateful Dead

Silver Dollar Fair,
Chico, California

patched with SBD>MR>R>D>CD>EAC>SHN

set 1: (missing)

set 2: (56:34)
1. Dark Star--> (12:23)
2. Cryptical Envelopment--> (1:48)
3. Drums--> (0:12)
4. The Other One--> (10:44)
5. Cryptical Envelopment--> (6:58)
6. New Potato Caboose%// (2:20)
7. //Alligator--> (2:35)
8. Drums--> (4:55)
9. Alligator//(-->) (4:38)
10. //Caution--> (2:01)
11. Feedback--> (6:36)
12. We Bid You Goodnight (1:18)

--From 0:36 in New Potato through the Alligator reprise, the quality drops off severely due to extremely low recording levels. Edits were made to raise the volume and reduce the hiss levels, which dominated the barely audible music. This portion was taken from the J. Powell/J. Barnes SHN seed and patched into a different SBD>MR>C>D>CD source---a source that has somewhat more noticeable hiss, though there are no significant raspy distortions that can be noticed on the MSR>R>D>CD source.

--splice in New Potato at 0:36 (where the quality severely drops)
--most of New Potato is missing
--Alligator cuts in with a minute or two missing
--there are probably a number of minutes missing after the Alligator reprise.

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2003

Thanks to David Litfin, Jim Powell, and J. Barnes
edits/encoding by JCotsman