Mickey and Hartbeats (Garcia, Lesh, Hart, & Kreutzmann) Matrix San Fran, CA Undated / 1968 sbd / lineage unknown* Disk 1 (total time: 47:13) 1. jam // 13:18 2. jam // ^ 33:54 Notes: I asked Michael Parrish for a copy of the mystery fragment reviewed in the taping compendium. This tape also included another fragment not reviewed in the compendium and was labeled 11 1 68, which is most likely incorrect. * Here’s what Parrish supplied for source / lineage info: “Both of these pieces came in a cassette that Dwork sent me near the beginning of the compendium project. As I noted, track #2 corresponds to the first track of your "Mystery Disc" and I have never heard the other piece anywhere other than on the Dwork tape. It rang no bells with Dick L. either.” ^ “The fragment I sent you as “11/1/68” is the same as the first track on your Mystery Show CD. I wouldn't necessarily bet that either is 11/1/68 though:)” Review by Michael Parrish: “This mysterious fragment consists of another version of the jam that opens 10/30/68. It is notable for Garcia’s inspired and frenetic soloing, which has a rather unusual Latin feel.”