Grateful Dead

Electric Factory, Philadelphia


Disc 1

1. //Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl%
2. Stage Banter
3. //Dark Star-->
4. St. Stephen-->
5. The Eleven-->
6. Lovelight%

Disc 2

1. Morning Dew
2. Cryptical Envelopment-->
3. The Other One-->
4. Cryptical Envelopment-->
5. Death Don't Have No Mercy

It is possible that there is one less analog generation in the lineage (as
listed at Deadlists). The sound quality is rather ragged despite fairly low
levels of hiss, so this may simply be from old and degraded cassettes with
only one analog generation. Be warned.

There is a minor splice just before the 7:00 mark in Schoolgirl from what
sounds like a cassette recording overdub. It has been cut out and smoothed
over with Sound Forge. There is a minor dropout in Dark Star roughly 18
minutes in. The splice in Lovelight occurs just after the 6:00 mark. The
quality of the recording diminishes during the Cryptical Reprise where tape
(not from the master) ran out. Overlapping tape segments were spliced
seamlessly at this point using Sound Forge. Therefore, no music is lost
although there is diminishing sound quality for the first half of the
reprise. Alligator>Caution>Feedback>AWBYGN often mistakenly circulates at
the end of this show, but is actually from 8-22-68. This show may or may
not be complete. Edits, tracking, and pitch correction for various portions
were performed using Sound Forge and CDWave.

Thanks to Jim Hale for this underrated performance.
SHN encoding/edits by J. Cotsman