The Grateful Dead - 21FEB69
Dream Bowl - Napa, CA
Editing and CD mastering by The Wizard -
Most info on this shows a cassette generation or two but this one does not appear
to have one...there are no cassette flips at the usual spots! May have another reel
generation though.
Music was very slow (offspeed recorder somewhere in the history). I increased the
speed by 4% and this sounded pretty good. Didn't want to go too far.
Used a light continuous noise filter to remove a bit of the tape hiss.
Cleaned up a few assorted pops and gliches...
There was distortion in Good Morning Little Schoolgirl that could not be improved.
All editing done with Diamond Cut Millennium software.

Disc One - 39:59
01) /Good Morning Little Schoolgirl (Start clipped + some distortion)
02) Doing That Rag
03) Dark Star

Disc Two - 64:48
01)>Saint Stephen
02)>The Eleven
03)>Turn On Your Love Light
04) Morning Dew