***1 SHN disc//2 audio discs***

Grateful Dead

Avalon Ballroom,
San Francisco


Disc 1 (61:55)
set 1
1. //Good Morning, Little Schoolgirl% (5:47)
2. Tuning (1:54)
3. Beat It On Down The Line (3:34)
4. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (8:06)
5. King Bee (7:16)
set 2
6. //Cryptical Envelopment--> (1:54)
7. Drums--> (0:16)
8. The Other One--> (10:55)
9. Cryptical Envelopment--> (10:21)
10. Death Don't Have No Mercy (11:46)

Disc 2 (38:31)
set 2 continued
1. Lovelight (23:42)
2. Tuning (1:57)
3. Viola Lee Blues (12:50)

--this is from a reel recorded in '69. There are a few minor
discontinuities/blemishes in the recording
--there may be missing songs before Schoolgirl
--several minutes are probably missing from the beginning of Schoolgirl.
--there is a splice in Schoolgirl @ 1:26
--the first couple notes of Cryptical(1) are clipped
--the band is forced to finish Viola Lee acapella after the plug is pulled on
their instruments, presumably, for playing past Avalon curfew
--Sound Forge was used for a slight pitch correction and a few minor edits

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002 shn em up initiative

Thanks to Joe Jupille
edits/encoding by J. Cotsman