Grateful Dead

Polo Field, Golden Gate Park,
San Francisco


Disc 1

1. Me & My Uncle
2. Stage Banter
3. Instrumental//
4. //The Other One>
5. Smokestack Lightning
6. Good Lovin'

Disc 2

1. Stage Banter
2. Dark Star>
3. Drums%>
4. Lovelight

Deadbase XI's listing for this show is of uncertain order and incorrectly
includes The Eleven and High Heel Sneakers, which are absent here and not
listed in this show at Smokestack consists of the final
verses. Notably, Good Lovin' features Garcia on lead vocals. The splice
near the beginning of Drums is minor.

This is sourced from what would become the previously seeded version, I
believe. I retracked it and edited a few minor things including a very short
repeated section during Dark Star.

Thanks to Ernie Presley for this fine show.
EAC/SHN encoding/edits by J. Cotsman

Note: gd68-03-26 filler fits on one SHN disc with gd69-05-07 and the audio
from 3-26-68 fits on disc one of 5-7-69.