Grateful Dead 6/22/69 Central Park, New York City, NY

SBD MC>C>D>CD (only 20 minutes circulate)
AUD low gen (complete show)

CD 1.
Dancin' In The Streets
Casey Jones
Hard To Handle
Sittin' On Top Of The World
Silver Threads & Golden Needles
Me & My Uncle

CD 2.
Dark Star >
The Other One >
St. Stephen >
It's A Sin

SBD filler:
Dancin' In The Streets
Casey Jones

AUD song order rearranged to match the order Jim Powell suggests in Deadlists,
except for Me & My Uncle being placed after Silver Threads: there simply was
no gap between these two songs on the cassette. If Jerry didn't play pedal
steel on one song and electric guitar on the other, you'd think there was a
seamless segue.

Thanks to Julian for the SBD and Uli for the AUD
AUD EQ'ed and slowed down by 4%
mastered by H.B., 03/02