***1 SHN disc//2 audio discs***

Grateful Dead

Fillmore West,
San Francisco


Disc One (76:51)
set 1
1. Introduction (1:36)
2. Casey Jones (4:58)
3. Black Peter (13:05)*
4. Big Boss Man (2:49)
5. Announcements (2:49)
6. Me And My Uncle (4:45)
7. Cumberland Blues (4:21)
8. Dire Wolf// (1:25)
9. Dark Star--> (30:22)
10. High Time (7:29)

Disc Two (42:35)
set 2
1. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl% (12:30)
2. Good Lovin'--> (1:52)
3. Drums--> (5:22)
4. Good Lovin' (5:32)
5. China Cat Sunflower--> (5:52)
6. I Know You Rider (4:36)
7. Uncle John's Band** (6:33)

*first known rendition of Black Peter
**first known rendition of Uncle John's Band (with lyrics)

This is one of the more muffled and hissy master cassette SBDs from the '69
era. It sounds like there could be several analog generations in the
lineage, though the lack of crisp sound quality might mostly be attributed to
the master, which is reportedly degraded. Many analog related crackles and
blemishes were embedded in the recording. Sound Forge was used to smooth or
reduce most of the glitches, though many minor blemishes remain. Sound
Forge was also used to normalize and correct the pitch.

--Dire Wolf cuts out shortly after one minute
--splice in Schoolgirl @ 7:29
--tape damage in China Cat @ 0:44
--other blemishes are frequent, though not offensive

Part of The Music Never Stopped Project 2002 shn em up initiative

thanks to Joe Jupille
edits/encoding by J. Cotsman