The songs of Barlow
Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn, NY
February 7, 2019

Source: Schoeps CCM41's > Beachtek DXA-SLR Ultra > Sony M10
Location:Stage right about 20' back stand at 12'
Recorded, edited and seeded by Michael Buzzeo

Set 1

01 Mexicali Blues gl, ep
02 My Brother Esau gl
03 Black Throated Wind rd
04 Blow Away bs
05 Throwing Stones rj
06 Looks Like Rain lm
07 I Need A Miracle jh
08 Heaven ah

Set 2

09 John Creighton King Speaking/poem
10 Amelia Rose Barlow poem: Graduation from Meatspace & Cyberspace...Good Ancestor
11 Bob Weir - introduces...(via video)
12 Ki Yi Bossie lm
13 Just A Little Light gl
14 Music Never Stopped jp, ep
15 Feel Like A Stranger jp
16 Let It Grow gl, ep
17 Saint Of Circumstance gl
18 Estimated Prophet gl, ep


19 I Will Take You Home arb, awb
(Amelia Rose Barlow, Anna Winter Barlow & Grahame Lesh)
20 Cassidy ak, arb

The band:Grahame Lesh - guitar, vocals
Ross James - bass, vocals
Jason Crosby - keyboards, vocals
Alex Koford - drums, vocals
Elliott Peck - vocals
Josh Kaufman - guitar, vocals
Brian Stollery - bass, vocals
Rachel Ana Dobken - drums, vocals
Leslie Mendelson - guitar, vocals
Jerry Harrison - guitar, Keyboards, vocals
Aishlin Harrison - vocals
Joyce Leigh Bowden - vocals
Jake Peavy - guitar, vocals