Compiled though the month of November 2012 from Happy Holidaze!

November 1st's Answer

"Sugaree" 10.17.83 Olympic Arena, Lake Placid, NY:
This was the Grateful Dead's only appearance in Lake Placid, NY, site of the Miracle On Ice. Of course,
late in the show the band played "I Need A Miracle." This "Sugaree" has always been considered one
of the best of the 1980s, in a rare show-opening slot.

November 2nd's Answer

"High Time" 5.17.77 University of Alabama Coliseum, Tuscaloosa, AL:
This was the first of only three versions of "High Time" played in 1977, followed by none in 1978. Other
later years without a "High Time" included 1983 and 1989

November 3rd's Answer

"Uncle John's Band" 5.1.70 Alfred College, Alfred, NY:
This show was played the night before the famous Harpur College show, and featured its share of great
music, including a good mix of acoustic and electric Dead.

November 4th's Answer

"Lost Sailor>Saint Of Circumstance" 7.11.81 Alpine Valley Music Theater, E. Troy, WI:
This was the Grateful Dead's second appearance at Alpine Valley, a venue they played every year in the
1980s aside from 1983.

November 5th's Answer

"Jack Straw" 6.4.78 UCSB Stadium, Santa Barbara, CA:
This was the Grateful Dead's third visit to Campus Stadium at UCSB, with the other being in 1973 and 1974,
and this would turn out to be the Grateful Dead's final trip to Santa Barbara.

November 6th's Answer

"Jack Straw" 4.14.71 Christy Mathewson Stadium, Bucknell University Lewisburg, PA:
An odd little tour that found the band playing larger and smaller college campuses, along with major city
venues like the Boston Music Hall and the Fillmore East.

November 7th's Answer

"Samson And Delilah" 4.5.88 Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT:
This was the third night of a three night run in Hartford. The first night featured Jerry losing his voice, the
second night featured some bizarre setlist moments, and the third night was a good, all-around solid
show, and also featured Brent's debut of "Louie Louie".

November 8th's Answer

"Here Comes Sunshine" 11.17.73 UCLA:
From the upcoming Dave's Picks Vol. 5, this is widely considered one of the top 3 versions of "Here Comes
Sunshine" ever played (along with the version from 12/19/73 aka Dick's Picks Vol. 1.

November 9th's Answer

"Scarlet Begonias> Fire On The Mountain" 7.31.82 Manor Downs, Austin, TX:
This mighty fine show at Manor Downs featured loads of great songs, and great performances of great songs,
including this "Scarlet>Fire". Other highlights include a great "Bird Song" and a terrific "Morning Dew".

November 10th's Answer

"Estimated Prophet" 3.20.77 Winterland, San Francisco, CA:
This is the fifth version of "Estimated Prophet," a song that would be played at most shows in 1977, and
would appear on the Terrapin Station album.

November 11th's Answer

"Jam" 3.25.91 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY:
This is a somewhat rare jam that follows outside of the frame another song. It comes out of "Spoonful," and
hints at a few musical themes. While not quite the jam level of the one played at the same venue a
year-and-a-day prior, it's still very interesting.

November 12th's Answer

"Ramble On Rose" 12.19.73 Curtis Hixon Covention Hall, Tampa, FL:
This is an "outtake" from Dick's Picks Vol. 1, a terrific release that features the best music of a great show
on two CDs. The remaining material, though, as demonstrated by this "Ramble On Rose," is also excellent.

November 13th's Answer

"Shakedown Street" 12.31.89 Oakland Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA:
This is a rare set-closing "Shakedown Street" from the New Year's Eve 1989-1990 show. Earlier in the set,
Bonnie Raitt sat in, and later in the show, the Grateful Dead performed their first California "Dark Star" in
more than five years.

November 14th's Answer

"Black Peter" 2.11.70 Fillmore East, NYC:
"Black Peter" had entered the reportoire just two months before, and would be recorded shortly after this
performance for Workingman's Dead. This version is from the first set from 2/11/70.

November 15th's Answer

"The Music Never Stopped" 4.21.78 Rupp Arena, Lexington, KY:
This show is mostly known for the Stella Blue that appeared on the So Many Roads box set in 1999, but
there is some other great music at this show, including this Music Never Stopped, a song that peaked in
1978 to many people.

November 16th's Answer

"Dark Star" 10.20.68 Greek Theatre, Berkeley:
By late 1968, "Dark Star" had developed into the form it would maintain throughout 1969, featuring long,
pyschedelic passages. Later in 1969 into 1970, "Dark Star" often headed into more melodic territory.

November 17th's Answer

"Let It Grow>Deal" 2.28.81:
A great run of shows in Chicago to open the Grateful Dead's 1981 performing year was filled with
exceptional music. There is a heck of a lot of excellent music in 1981 start-to-finish.

November 18th's Answer

"The Wheel" 4.29.77 Palladium, NYC:
This is the first of a five night run at the Palladium in New York, previously known as the Academy Of Music.
Some of this show was released as part of Download Series Volume 1 back in 2005, along with the entire
4/30/77 show.

November 19th's Answer

"Bird Song" 10.2.72 Springfield Civic Center Arena, Springfield, MA:
"Bird Song" in late 1972 was a spectacular first set jam vehicle, to add to the other first set exploratory
song, "Playing In The Band." Generally, on the Fall Tour of 1972, the first sets featured these two major
songs, with the second sets then featuring either "Dark Star" or "The Other One."

November 20th's Answer

"Playing In The Band" 11.30.80 Fox Theatre, Atlanta, GA:
One of the longest-tenured, most-played songs in the Grateful Dead's reportoire, "Playing in the Band"
was a launching pad for some of the finest jams in the band's career.

November 21st's Answer

"New Minglewood Blues" 2.24.71 Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY:
From the final night of a legendary six night run in Port Chester, NY, this always-rocking tune, which dates
back to 1966 for the Grateful Dead.

November 22nd's Answer

"Candyman" 2.4.78 Milwaukee Auditoium, Milwaukee, WI:
A few tracks from this Milwaukee show were included on ...

November 23rd's Answer

"Brokedown Palace" 12.7.71 Felt Forum, NYC:
From the final night of a four night stand at the Felt Forum in New York (the ground-level theater below
Madison Square Garden). This tour marked the return of Pigpen to the band, where he would remain for
the next six months, until his departure in June, 1972.

November 24th's Answer

"The Other One" 9.27.76 War Memorial Arena, Rochester, NY:
This is from the second of 10 shows the Grateful Dead performed at the War Memorial in Rochester.

November 25th's Answer

"Jam>Bass>Sugar Magnolia" 2.24.73 Iowa Fieldhouse, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA:
A cool jam precedes this fine Sugar Magnolia, a jam that came out of "Eyes Of The World" in the
show-closing sequence.

November 26th's Answer

"Franklin's Tower" 5.9.78 Syracuse NY:
This "Franklin's Tower" opened the Syracuse show on the Spring Tour in 1978. After the band put
"Help>Slip" on hiatus in the Fall of 1977 (until 1983), Franklin's found itself without a set place in
the show. Sometimes before "Drums", sometimes after, and in this extra-rare position as an opener.

November 27th's Answer

"That's It For The Other One>Cosmic Charlie" 6.8.69 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA:
A great double dose of primal-era Dead, these two songs were not often paired like this. This is from
the final night of a four-night run at the Fillmore West.

November 28th's Answer

"Passenger" 5.26.77 Baltimore Civic Center, Baltimore, MD:
This is from the penultimate show of the majestic Spring Tour of 1977, a really fine show wedged
between 5/25/77 (Dave's Picks 1) and 5/28/77 (To Terrapin).

November 29th's Answer

"Row Jimmy" 5.14.74 Adams Field House, University of Montana, Missoula, MT:
This is the Grateful Dead's only appearance in Montana, and was only the second show of their first
Wall Of Sound Tour. The show also features a monster, deep-space "Dark Star".

November 30th's Answer

"Help On The Way>Slipknot!>Franklin's Tower" 6.17.76 Capital Theater, Passaic, NJ:
This sequence was played 1975-1977, 1983-1985 and 1989-1995, and was always filled with great
jamming, particularly on the middle segment.

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