Grateful Dead
"Jamming At The Edge Of Magic"
A 1989-1990 Jams compilation

Various Sources; all SBD (see notes for details)
SBD Source > Soundforge (Normalization, crossfades and track blending) > CD Wave (Tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (Verify SBE's, generate checksums, FLAC Level 8 encoding)

Compiled by ZHB, 1/7/07 (zimahatboy_at_bellsouth_dot_net -

1. Carib Jam >
2. Spanish Lady Jam >
3. Neal@TheWheel Jam >
4. Faded Jam >
5. Foolish Jam >
6. Farewell Terrapin Jam >
7. Playing In The Jam, pt. 1 >
8. Going Home Jam >
9. Bass Jam >
10. Scarlet Jam >
11. Bluesy Jam >
12. Playing In The Jam, pt. 2 >
13. Mind Left Body Jam

This idea came about when listening to 6/19/89 one day last month and reflecting on the NFA jam, and how it sounded much like the bridge from Foolish Heart. That got me thinking about other jams in this period....Summer '89 thru Summer '90 is my favorite 'year' of the GD by far, and these jams are a huge part of it. This is my sophomore effort editing a compilation and I think it turned out even better than the first (The Dead Summer '04 Tour Compilation >

HUGE thanks for this go to my friend and benefactor Neal@TheWheel, as well as Chez, ODG, Uncle Tony and all my other friends at


First, all tracks (20 to start with) were EAC'd from my audio discs. I played around with the order of the tracks until I found transitions I thoguht would be manageable. Volumes were all over the map, so I normalized them, then applied a fade to the beginning, and blended the tracks. Most tracks had a little cut off the end (you'll notice that most are leading into Drumz~) and I generally applied a cross-fade of 2 to 4 seconds. In one case, I just mixed in the next track with about 8 seconds of the previous, and on one I simply appended the previous track. Since I had the crowd fade-in at the beginning, I wanted the same at the end, so I mixed in the last :05 of 10-9-89 PITB Reprise (to give it a small finale), and added in a bit of the crowd from the beginning of Track 1 to close. Since I used Soundforge, you will find an SBE at the very end of the last track. I forgot to snip it off with CDWAVE. Since it's the very end of the disc, I'm letting it ride.

Track 1: 3.16.90 [sbd > ? > cdr > eac > shn] Jam into Drumz. This made a good starting point, because it had a 'hard start' as opposed to flowing out of another tune.

Track 2: 7.18.90 [S:DAT> C> DAT> CD> SHN] Jam out of Space into The Other One.

Track 3: 10.20.89 [Ultra-Matrix Soundboard DAT > Cassette > DAT > CDR] Jam out of The Other One into Drumz.

Track 4: 6.19.89 [SBD>DAT>CDR] Not Fade Away. This is the bridge from NFA, which is very non-standard: it is reminiscent of Foolish Heart.

Track 5: 6.8.90 [FOB Matrix SBD > DAT > CDR > WAV > SHN] Jam out of Foolish Heart into Drumz.

Track 6: 12.6.89 [SBD> Dat> Prodif Plus> Samplitude v6.0> SHN] Jam out of Terrapin Station into Drumz.

Track 7: 6.19.89 [SBD>DAT>CDR] Playing In The Band Reprise, out of Crazy Fingers and into Drumz.

Track 8: 7.16.90 [SBD> DAT> CD's> EAC> SHN] Jam out of Truckin' into Drumz.

Track 9: 3.19.90 [Pre-FM SBD Reel> DAT> CDRs> EAC> SHN] Jam out of Eyes Of The World into Drumz.

Track 10: 10.14.89 [Sbd> Cas(m)> Dat> ZA2/PC> SF> CD Architect> CDR?s] Jam out of Scarlet Begonias into Truckin'.

Track 11: 7.6.90 [SBD> Dat> Sonic Solutions> CD] Jam out of He's Gone into Drumz.

Track 12: 5.6.89 [DSBD by Jay Serafin] Playing Jam, out of Playing In The Band and into Eyes of the World.

Track 13: 3.24.90 [SBD > Dat x 3 > CDR > SHN] Mind Left Body Jam, out of Terrapin Station and into Drumz.

WAV md5's:
15466792e682aaf06034c66300ad0754 *gd_jamsd1t01_CaribJam.wav
95a7ee165db2c3ccdff927c1a40d5b86 *gd_jamsd1t02_SpanishLadyJam.wav
8bc838e5dcc1f00cb7dc15d098a530e7 *gd_jamsd1t03_NealAtTheWheelJam.wav
8f0402edc53626e0cec97a1785b37137 *gd_jamsd1t04_FadedJam.wav
6654d0dfb933088322090225e95cee30 *gd_jamsd1t05_FoolishJam.wav
b54de7e41a236bfc1a939b3f6fe6d2d0 *gd_jamsd1t06_FarewellTerrapinJam.wav
acb0b943abc21efe26244028d9e18b86 *gd_jamsd1t07_PlayingJam1.wav
05e6884c58057f255022141ee4c6b4de *gd_jamsd1t08_GoingHomeJam.wav
82bed3ffe893dbe05a3a83620b545d08 *gd_jamsd1t09_BassJam.wav
067adde4fd28ae161f47a5e260590eca *gd_jamsd1t10_ScarletJam.wav
ebe2fa1547f4fa66f98c73f3b2d304c9 *gd_jamsd1t11_BluesyJam.wav
881d0de9bd664f4b5289c0ad1674af17 *gd_jamsd1t12_PlayingJam2.wav
e24713d862a8231511bd701c0e92fc34 *gd_jamsd1t13_MindLeftBodyJam.wav

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