Grateful Dead
"Jamming At The Edge Of Magic, Volume 2"
A 1990-1992 Jams compilation

Various Sources; all SBD (see notes for details)
SBD Source > Soundforge (Normalization, crossfades and track blending) > CD Wave (Tracking) > Trader's Little Helper (Verify SBE's, generate checksums, FLAC Level 8 encoding)

Compiled by ZHB, 1/24/07 (zimahatboy_at_bellsouth_dot_net -

01. Supplication Jam > [02:36]
02. Frantic Jam > [09:59]
03. Shall We Go Jam > [01:07]
04. Uncle John's Jam > [05:39]
05. Stir It Up Jam > [07:00]
06. Lady In Velvet Jam > [01:32]
07. Playing In The Jam, pt. 1 > [02:59]
08. Searchlight Casting Jam > [05:24]
09. Playing In The Jam, pt. 2 > [01:22]
10. Turtle Soup Jam > [04:41]
11. Shenandoah Jam > [3:33]
12. Bruuuce Jam > [02:14]
13. Black Dirt Jam > [02:40]
14. Clouds Of Delusion Jam > [07:23]
15. Galapagos Jam > [05:25]
16. Back Home Jam > [03:18]
17. Summer Home Jam > [02:46]
18. Uncle Bobo Jam [09:57]

Total Time: [78:41]

Volume 1 of this collection was so much fun, I decided to do a Bruce set as well (mainly thinking of the wonderful Stir It Up Jam from the Cap Center in '91.). I'm getting a little more familiar with the tools I'm using, and I think this one turned out, over all, even better than the last.

HUGE thanks for this go to all my friends at

(What, no Jelly Jam :)


First, all tracks (28 to start with) were EAC'd from my audio discs. I played around with the order of the tracks until I found transitions I thought would be manageable. Volumes were all over the map, so I normalized them, then applied a fade to the beginning, and blended the tracks. Most tracks had a little cut off the end (you'll notice that many are leading into Drumz~) and I generally applied a cross-fade of 2 to 4 seconds. For some I used a mixng technique to blend the next track into the previous. I had started the set with the "Tuning Jam" from 6/17/91, but this didn't fit, so I trimmed most of it and faded it in. I removed a brief dropout at the end of Stir It Up. I also boosted the right channel in Stir It Up to make Jerry's guitar line more prominent in the middle. For the last track, I found a good "stopping point" just before drums with a small finale, then expanded the crescendo, boosted the bass, added some echo, and applied a short fade out.

Track 1: 6.24.91 [DSBD>DAT>CDR>WAV>SHN>FLAC] Supplication Jam out of Estimated Prophet into Uncle John's Band.

Track 2: 9.18.90 [SBD->Cm->Dat->CD->Cool Edit Pro->CD] Jam out of Foolish Heart into Drumz.

Track 3: 6.17.91 [SBD -> Master Dat (44.1k) -> Dat Clone] Dark Star Jam out of Ship Of Fools into Truckin'.

Track 4: 12.8.90 [S:PCM>DAT>ZA2>CD] Jam out of Uncle John's Band into Drumz.

Track 5: 3.21.91 [DSBD>DAT>CDR] Stir It Up Jam out of Fire On The Mountain into Drumz.

Track 6: 6.17.91 [SBD -> Master Dat (44.1k) -> Dat Clone] Dark Star Tease between Brown-Eyed Women and When I Paint My Masterpiece

Track 7: 9.12.91 [soundboard > DAT > CDR > SHN] Playin' Jam out of Terrapin Station into Drumz.

Track 8: 6.17.91 [SBD -> Master Dat (44.1k) -> Dat Clone] Dark Star Jam out of Uncle John's Band into Drumz.

Track 9: 3.18.91 [SBD > MC > DAT > CD > EAC > FLAC] Playin' Jam out of Uncle John's Band into Terrapin Station.

Track 10: 8.12.91 [SBD > DAT > CD > EAC > FLAC] Jam out of Terrapin Station into Drumz.

Track 11: 6.20.92 [DSBD> ?? > CDR] Shenandoah Jam out of Space into Casey Jones. Bruce is a special guest.

Track 12: 11.1.90 [SBD > DAT > CDR > WAV > SHNv3] Jam out of Space into Dark Star.

Track 13: 10.20.90 [DSBD: Healy mix>MD>D>CD] Jam into Let It Grow into Box Of Rain.

Track 14: 6.22.91 [SBD > ?? > CDR] Dark Star Jam out of Space into PITB Reprise.

Track 15: 3.18.91 [SBD > MC > DAT > CD > EAC > FLAC] Jam out of Terrapin Station into Drumz.

Track 16: 9.20.91 [SBD > DAT > CDR > WAV > SHNv3 > WAV > CDR] Jam out of Truckin' into Drumz.

Track 17: 9.21.91 [SBD->DAT->CDR->EAC->SHN] Jam out of Eyes Of The World into Drumz.

Track 18: 10.27.91 [SBD> DAT> Sony PCM-R500>....> Wavelab 5 >....> FLAC.] Jam out of Mona into Drumz, features special guests Carlos Santana and Gary Duncan.

.wav MD5's:
5094b1a1045d59c9abcbf86bb90c5378 *gd_jams2d1t01_SupplicationJam.wav
70d560b2fc1c307c289296e25af09aff *gd_jams2d1t02_FranticJam.wav
094b465a702ed290d7c71d49d995e762 *gd_jams2d1t03_ShallWeGoJam.wav
7c2d5a4b68b3212031139bab416cecc8 *gd_jams2d1t04_UncleJohnsJam.wav
a0f0384a063cd7acd3cffb9c4a9162f4 *gd_jams2d1t05_StirItUpJam.wav
87de61a78629df6885a1d51248f4ae97 *gd_jams2d1t06_LadyInVelvetJam.wav
02da70f9358fa71720c572856c7dc160 *gd_jams2d1t07_PlayingJam1.wav
84830e1104bf6943873b3af90f8816be *gd_jams2d1t08_SearchlightCastingJam.wav
d0b8af344d136c8a02fcd5fb85b9cdb6 *gd_jams2d1t09_PlayingJam2.wav
6960488298abb2fca87e7f0452f59c66 *gd_jams2d1t10_TurtleSoupJam.wav
ca3252fc692988e78cd56db323feaacc *gd_jams2d1t11_ShenandoahJam.wav
86bd4ebc8ea42161ba2937cc62f09d09 *gd_jams2d1t12_BruuuceJam.wav
cb3c19d39cb2480f3d0c6394685c4d0d *gd_jams2d1t13_BlackDirtJam.wav
4934055948b783e31bb2517ed5b9ab52 *gd_jams2d1t14_CloudsOfDelusionJam.wav
dc04862e1c5960f834bfd17748d61fac *gd_jams2d1t15_GalapagosJam.wav
1e17e0da2ca2ea4414a85c842e76e5e0 *gd_jams2d1t16_BackHomeJam.wav
012ede594ec217e0038533b3909b4cae *gd_jams2d1t17_SummerHomeJam.wav
2ff751bc99b5bbf7341716044f0ec50f *gd_jams2d1t18_UncleBoboJam.wav

Flac fingerpirnts: